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The Perfect Crime - Romley Stewart

"How To Carry Out The Perfect Crime" ..

The Justinian Deception. Romley Stewart

Comprehending The Private and Public Sides of our Lives - Trust Law - A Brilliant Explanation of How We Have Been Deceived Through Manipulated Governments, Admiralty Law, Roman Law and The Hidden Trusts That Are All Around Us.

Why Our Solutions Are in The Common Law

Counterfeit Text - Counterfeit Government.

Constructed Fraud.

The Administrator Must Kill The Debtor Before He Becomes Aware That He Was Really The Creditor?

We Are in Silent Weapons Quiet Wars 2.6.1953 to Date.

You Are Being Mislead As They Profit From Misleading You!!

They Cause Cancer & Will Kill You With High Powered Radio Waves.

The Cure For Cancer Is Available But Your Government Has Enabled Lynn Thyer & David Noakes To Be Placed Under European Arrest Warrants in French Gaols.

Black's Law 4th Edition


It can never be lawfully or legally read. Blacks Law 4th Edition.

If You Do Not Know The Truth You Cannot See The Lie.

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword - When You Comprehend The Rules.

Further Common Law Content & Romley's Site - Justinian Deception - With Thanks.

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