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The Biggest Asset & Business Theft In History Is Now Underway. 2020.

You really need a starting point that all will be able to reference so lets look at 2008-9 to date and the Financial Crash.

Inside Job, The Big Short & Margin Call are the films to watch to understand this period if you need a refresher.

Quick Refresher To 2008. Residential Mortgage Backed Securities - The Supposed Crash Cause. Systemic over valuation of paperwork and rigged paperwork.

Deep State, Systemic Fraud,

Collusion of Western Governments.

The Bank Process That is rigged. Off Book funding through Securitisation (120% Profit to Bank - Banks Don't Lend Money, They Manage Securities - Paperwork) and Re-hypothecation (Funding Drugs, Child & Sex Trafficking also Arms Trading 300% - 900% of paper asset value, using your Power of Attorney - POA) Bank Process is Marked in Blue. Deep State Activities of those who control Governments and our finances. TPS100 £1 for £5500 Legal Work

Major theft, Gordon Brown sells the UK Gold at rock bottom prices to Bank of America. Gold value surges.

Get the picture? Asset theft from UK public funds.

Corona Virus 2020 - 5G - Vaccines.

Problem Reaction Solution.

A False Corona Virus Pandemic and the Authorities wont act. Review linked articles Police 1 and Police 2.

Andrew Mather's Data.

What i found in 2006 - 30.11.18 when we proved that the asset theft of UK investors and SME businesses 1990's - 2000's to date was run out of the HM Treasury and HMRC.

We are about to see happen again. This time though they are taking something else of greater value. Your Lives.

How Do They Keep This Under Wraps within Westminster?

Answer: Paedophilia

The Westminster Paedophile ring stretches into High Ranking Police, Judiciary, Banking, Security Services MI5, MI6 and All Levels of Government especially UK Cabinet. By Design.

These Are Deep State Operatives. Not All, but to get to the top you've got to be compromised, bought or they have to have something on you.

Then you have value to them through influence when policy is made or directed. To Their Needs.

Conservatives, Labour, Ministers, Borough Councils etc.

Who Is Trump Trying To Oust - Deep State USA - Deep State's Financial Lair Is The City of London.. Rothschild Territory works with Rockefeller's, Bill Gates, Tony Blair, MP's ex PM's and other Bilderberg Group members.

BoJo - Pfeffel. Johnson is an adopted family name to hide the German "Nazi" Roots.. Posting.


Boris - The Deep State UK Frontman for 2020

The World Is Catching UP On Boris.. Once Again Caught With Your Pants Down.

Like Boris' Stats Man? Prof Neil Ferguson

Neil Ferguson: UK coronavirus adviser resigns after breaking lockdown rules

Key expert in coronavirus response resigns from Sage after admitting ‘error of judgment’

  • Coronavirus – latest updates

  • See all our coronavirus coverage

Prof Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist whose modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus lockdown strategy, has quit as a government adviser after flouting the rules by receiving visits from his lover at his home.

Ferguson runs the group of scientists at Imperial College London whose projections helped persuade ministers of the need to impose stringent physical distancing rules, or risk the NHS being overwhelmed.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said he was resigning his post on the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), over an “error of judgment”.

The Daily Telegraph revealed that Antonia Staats had crossed London from her family home to visit him on at least two occasions since lockdown measures were imposed, on 30 March and 8 April. Friends told the newspaper that Staats did not believe their actions to be hypocritical because she considered the households to be one.

The doctor behind a U.K. college study that painted a chilling scenario over the coronavirus pandemic now says he holds a more optimistic view about the spread in the U.K

Renowned epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College suggested in his model last week the U.S. and the U.K. would have to continue to shut down for as many as 18 months to avoid catastrophic death, but testified in front of the U.K’s Parliamentary select committee on science and technology earlier this week that he expects the country to be able to flatten the curve within 2-3 weeks.

The Imperial College predicted that over 500,000 people could die in the U.K., and over two million could die in the U.S., but Ferguson said he now expects the death toll in Britain to be under 20,000, according to NewScientist. The original Imperial College study found that the death toll could be limited if extreme measures were taken for a significant period of time. (RELATED: Trump Claims Media Is Trying To Keep Country Closed ‘As Long As Possible’)



A Goat. Not The Tanzanian Goat


Zinc, Temperature Increase, Quinine, Hydrachloroquine are the solutions to Covid19..

Patents For Synethetic Man Made -

Corona Virus. EU and US.

This time the Deep State UK will take lives. They changed the rules with the Covid 19 or Corona Virus Bill.

The Police, Banks And The Legal System are Corporate entities that are about entrapment and asset theft.

Agenda 2030 is their main objective and to take your assets one of their sub objectives.

Sovereign Wealth Funds are being raided on Death from Covid 19. You have value to them in Death.

(2) Take control of the world by the use of economic "silent weapons" in a form of "quiet warfare" and reduce the economic inductance of the world to a safe level by a process of benevolent slavery and genocide.

Do Not Take The Vaccine.

Do Not Download The Covid App.

Goats Test Positive For Covid19

So Do Paw Paw (Fruit) and other objects? Get It.. Testing is a Load of Bolloxx!!

Its Meant To Be..

It Buys Time For 5G Installs - Killer Tech.

Nano Particulates will Kill You With 5G EMF's and you will glow on urban 868 MHz radar.

LED Street Lighting Causes Cancer.

666 Terra Hertz, 450 Nano Meter's

The Orwellian Experience is here.. if you Consent.

I Do Not Consent. To Murder, Genocide, Theft - No Harm, Loss or Injury. Common Law Courts.

Article 61 - Lawful Rebellion

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