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The Biggest Asset & Business Theft In History Is Now Underway. 2020.

You really need a starting point that all will be able to reference so lets look at 2008-9 to date and the Financial Crash.

Inside Job, The Big Short & Margin Call are the films to watch to understand this period if you need a refresher.

Quick Refresher To 2008. Residential Mortgage Backed Securities - The Supposed Crash Cause. Systemic over valuation of paperwork and rigged paperwork.

Deep State, Systemic Fraud,

Collusion of Western Governments.

The Bank Process That is rigged. Off Book funding through Securitisation (120% Profit to Bank - Banks Don't Lend Money, They Manage Securities - Paperwork) and Re-hypothecation (Funding Drugs, Child & Sex Trafficking also Arms Trading 300% - 900% of paper asset value, using your Power of Attorney - POA) Bank Process is Marked in Blue. Deep State Activities of those who control Governments and our finances. TPS100 £1 for £5500 Legal Work