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How To Create A Property Bubble.

As in any large scale criminal activity it takes a number of complicit parties to implement.

Systemic Property Fraud Is No Exception.

When this is allowed to take place on multiple occasions without redress, It takes down the fabric of a country and starts the slide necessary to make whole economies fail.

This is a piece in the UN Agenda 21 - 2030 puzzle that they wont tell Councils and MP's about when selling the sustainable concept to local government. But its happened.

Taking The Dylan Harvey example which is one of many masterminded through the HM Treasury and HMRC.

Implemented in the field by those who are paid a percentage on each deal. They aren't aware of the bigger picture nor impact. Just the greed angle.

No one, only the central players/ organisations Banks upward to the Regulators and Treasury have the overall picture.

Toby Whittaker and his team were allowed by the system to do this on multiple occasions without measurable fines imprisonment and covered up by Regulators and the Police.

A higher authority enabled this to happen as it formed part of a greater objective.

Bringing down the UK economically through property bubbles and asset theft.

Back Off - You Dont Know Who Your Dealing With.

A strange comment from a developers representative when systemic over valuation is discovered?

Jenga Blocks. The Big Short.

What Happens ... When You Over Value Property. By Design.

When the Banking Property Valuation System is rigged to get a specific outcome. Economic Collapse Is The End Product.

Is There A Property Bubble in The UK? Yes

It Was Manufactured By The Banking Process Protected By The Regulators, Police and Judiciary. MP's PM's.

The investigations were prevented by Theresa May blocking a Tribunal in order the components of systematic planned failure can proceed.

The planning and cover up has to involve connections in the Regulators, Police and Judiciary.

It takes a close knit group or society who can keep secrets. Possibly Freemasons or similar. What makes up the Bilderberg Group?

A Secret Society or Group of Secret Societies that knows how to keep a plan alive and fend off investigation.

Members are either compromised or complicit.

They act for profit.

Their allegance to their secret society is above their oath of office to the people.

The local Press did not tell the complete story.

The Land Registry was involved as Properties were being Sold Twice on the same day with 30-40% uplift?

Knight Frank indicated £40,000 over valuation on two properties I purchased. Car Park spaces, Dimensions, Finishes all incorrect.

Price Rigging Run From A Position of Power. You had to use their Solicitors, Their RICS Surveyors. All the process in Blue is Controlled By The Banks.

CLB Coopers did not report fully events. They descoped and sold off already Sold Assets paid for by Investors?

It is estimated in the lead up to the financial crash that impacted our Banks due to US Mortgage Backed Securities failure.

The Banking Cartel were already priming the UK market for the Bigger failure through overvaluation followed up by a massive value drop.

This is supported by the text of Silent Weapons Quiet Wars.

A Rothschild Rockefeller document identifying how to break economies.

A teaching manual for Corporate Psychopaths.

They will change the players but the outcome is predicted already.

Boris Is A Banker Backer. Hes Paid For.

So Is FCA's Andrew Bailey. Andrew is on the left, Neil Gunn of Bank Whistleblower's right.

Bailey is 2020's New Bank of England Chair to Replace Carney in March?

Moving into the Big House after covering up fraud and theft.

Revolving Doors In Finance Protect The Guilty From Being Caught.

Hes moved into the Rothschild Banking operation that he has supported so well as the FCA finance regulator

Boris is a Rothschild plant as was May, Blair, Cameron, Brown, Major, Thatcher, Heath ... You get the picture?

Javid is Ex Deutsche Bank. The Nazi Bank.

What Is About To Follow Will Make The MPs Expenses Scandal An Insignificant Pimple On The Backside of Westminster.

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