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How To Create A Property Bubble.

As in any large scale criminal activity it takes a number of complicit parties to implement.

Systemic Property Fraud Is No Exception.

When this is allowed to take place on multiple occasions without redress, It takes down the fabric of a country and starts the slide necessary to make whole economies fail.

This is a piece in the UN Agenda 21 - 2030 puzzle that they wont tell Councils and MP's about when selling the sustainable concept to local government. But its happened.

Taking The Dylan Harvey example which is one of many masterminded through the HM Treasury and HMRC.

Implemented in the field by those who are paid a percentage on each deal. They aren't aware of the bigger picture nor impact. Just the greed angle.

No one, only the central players/ organisations Banks upward to the Regulators and Treasury have the overall picture.

Toby Whittaker and his team were allowed by the system to do this on multiple occasions without measurable fines imprisonment and covered up by Regulators and the Police.