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Establishment v The People. 5G. Fraud. Cover Ups. GMCA & GMP.

In the last twelve or thirteen years 2006/7 to Date i was progressing research on a £200 Million Mortgage Securities Fraud (Gap 5000 properties £40,000 over valuation each) which was proven over time to be masterminded from the HM Treasury Department whose ministers jurisdiction covered the FSA then FCA, HMRC and HM Treasury. Many parties were involved but the ministers are controlled by The City.

16th October 2018 I met APPG Banking's Exec Director Heather Buchanan and James Ventress in Portcullis House, Westminster after an introduction through Kevin Hollinrake MP for Thirsk and Molton.

In that meeting also was MP Mike Kane, Sale East & Wythenshawe, my MP.

The meeting outcome was that Mike Kane agreed to ask questions of John Glen The Treasury Minister in The House of Commons. Based around a question set i was to bring together.

On the 30th November 2018 I met Mike Kane MP in his Wythenshawe office, he asked for a recap although he was copied on emails for his staff to read and convey between dates and appeared to not recollect what he was meant to be doing.

As soon as I started the recap a tirade of your "Anti Semitic" and a "Conspiracy Theorist" statements were made toward me. He had no intention of carrying out the task as instructed.

The facts that the Banking Cartels long reach extended to mortgage fraud and property theft and i had delivered the evidence to APPG Banking didn't seem to bare relevance to the matter.

Its estimated UK Bank initiated fraud is running at £190 Billion a year. Anthony Stansfelds Thames Valley Police Commissioners data.

I deal in facts not theories and a conspiracy theorist now i see as a badge of honour delivered by those who do NOT research themselves or are COMPROMISED.