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Amber Rudd - Confirms: City - PM Cover Up

Amber Rudds communication to suggest a Lloyds Whistleblower knew rather more than was being revealed by Lloyds and their management team at the last shareholders AGM ?

Norm as affectionately known to Noel Edmond's was staying silent and wouldn't engage.

For Good Reason..

The Film Spank The Banker further highlighted the issues in the SME world and unregulated finance where systemic corruption has taken place covered up by Theresa May.

Amber Rudd refers to a PM with City Links. May is Ex Bank of England and prevented the Banking Tribunals that the UK should have had 2018.

May blocked Westminster Paedophile investigations also Banking Fraud and Corruption Investigations.

There is a strong link.

The re hypothecated funds from Banking supporting off Book activities such as Child Sex and People trafficking.

Some scenes may be considered upsetting to some:

Provides more detail and witness testimonies.

The Major Players In The Corruption Game.

The Judiciary, Police, Cover Ups, Banks Were Caught Red Handed fingers in the UK Till. Fraud, Deception, Paedophile Rings.

Theresa May Prevented Investigations and had the files lost. Yet Nothing Done to bring justice to those impacted by these events.

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