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1.1 Mortgage Securitisation is A New Product To The Legacy Gold/ Legacy Money Product Set.

1.2 Roughly 10.2 Million -11 Million Mortgages Have Been Securitised in The UK. Sold Assigned or Transferred.

1.3 What Were Going to Do is Look At the Process, Identify The Problems & Provide The Solution.

1.4 The 2008 Crash Saw Iceland Financially Wiped Out and Many Others Countries Go into Recession and Then Austerity.

1.5 When The Full Details Are Known On This Subject Matter – You Realise The Entire Situation Has Been Manufactured.

1.6 2008/9 The Icelanders Gaoled The Bankers & Every Bank Loan of 100,000 Krona They Reduced To 30,000 Krona.

1.7 This Saw Property Prices Fall Across The Icelandic Property Market But

1.8 The Icelandic Economy Burst Back Into Life As a Result. They All Had Equity & Financial Room To Manouvre.

1.9 At The End There Are Two Films We Recommended You To View In Order To Understand Exactly What That Period Was Like For Those Who Were In Business, Had Investments or Suffered Financially or Health Wise. Because Of The Crash. By Design.