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There Is No Time Limit To Fraud.

Reference Materials.

Asset Stripping Through Contrived Insolvency - And Institutionalised Fraud.

In 2008 to 2012 after providing overwhelming evidence of fraud between Banking, RICS and Property Developers in a sting the perpetrators knew they weren't to be caught or dealt with appropriately by the law and regulatory system lead me to follow through my investigations which took me on a journey as will be completed in blog The Big Picture 1.

The Big Picture will be made into an ebook at some stage as the story is beyond belief in parts as identifies how History, Politics and the Legal System, airbrush out the facts hoping not to leave a trail?

Within The Big Picture 1 the references to the Dylan Harvey Group Scam are my starting point on this journey.

In 2012 i had received a call from the Fraud Squad stating as the fraud was less than £1 Million therefore they wouldn't investigate. It had taken them three years to work that one out also received after the letter below.

In the region of 5000 Properties overvalued £30 - £40k, 2000 investors works out at more than a Million but we are working to a different set of rules here? Deny Delay Cover Up..

In the region of £200 Million is the correct or closer answer.

The letter timing was perfect for "The System" as if this were just a case of dismissing an individual and hope they may just back down especially when they are also threatened.

The case would be statute barred after 6 years. The incidents occurred to many between 2006 -7 . In 2012 the Police response was nothing to see hear, therefore nothing investigated.

Also Dylan Harvey had gone into administration in 2009. Although i told CLB Coopers the receivers what was going on their report was de scoped and nothing recorded.

I hear you say cover up? It gets better.

APPG Banking DH information on File. Inc. Noddy Letter.

To understand the full reason successive Govts have not investigated financial crimes you will need to follow The Big Picture 1,2,3, 4 and any further supporting research.

This is full time business State Sponsored criminal activity as they let it happen especially Theresa May as Home Secretary and PM has prevented justice from from occurring in many ways and also sought to cover up a larger problem that will shock many.

As time has progressed i have spoken with many SMEs and Investors that had great deals or businesses on paper but the establishment and co conspirators were personality types that fraud and theft in the fullness of time I recognised came as second nature.

Why would they take such risk unless they knew they wouldn't be caught? By the system as it is?

This was highlighted additionally in the Tomlinson Report:

Scrapped by the Business Minister Vince Cable?

The system that Government subscribes to prevents Justice from being carried out as the system is guided by others who benefit from the fraud at a higher level.

In October 2018 after meeting with my MP and APPG Bankings Heather Buchanan it became clear that my questions based on supporting data could only be answered by the Treasury department. This is currently under the stewardship of John Glen.

On meeting Mike Kane MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East i was met with an outburst as he hadnt read the documentation that framed the meeting and i had started to explain the context. This was too much for him?

I terminated the session and reported back to APPG Banking.

The subject matter of what prevents justice is further discussed and its links with money on the ITNJ International Tribunals for Natural Justice website.

A complete subject matter overview is described here in the post Politics and Finance behind the Veil.

MPs know that the fraud is taking place on a massive scale its systemic and institutional as people are paid to turn their heads, block enquiries and refuse justice. While Banks plunder SME and Investor asset bases and collateral.

Judges, Police, MPs many are implicated.

Dear Sirs

"As a nation, we pride ourselves on the rule of law. Above the

Old Bailey stands the gilded statue of Lady Justice

She carries the sword of justice in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. She wears a blindfold to symbolise that justice is blind and does not distinguish between the powerful and the weak. Yet for those who have been the victims of the systematic fraud practised by UK banks and financial institutions, such sentiment is nonsense. The statue representing their experience of justice would be

heavily rusted rather than gilded.

It would wear a blindfold to avoid having to see the activities of the financial institutions whose wrongdoing has ruined individuals and families, and its arms would be firmly tied behind its back to symbolise the lack of activity

by both the police and the regulators."

".... we have seen clear evidence of tampering with

documents, false witness statements and the leveraging of a position of power and clout to drive many thousands of good businesses into insolvency."

William Wragg, MP

A particular email was sent to me a couple of weeks back, ive had a few of late that prompted me to contact William Wragg's office as he was party to the content and i know is quite vocal on the subject matter.

The requirement now is to get Mr Wragg to speak with ITNJs Michelle Young. In order to provide remedy to the British people and get dialogue between those who seek to get change for the good of us all. The UK will be a far better place without the systemic corruption we have witnessed to date.

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