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There Is No Time Limit To Fraud.

Reference Materials.

Asset Stripping Through Contrived Insolvency - And Institutionalised Fraud.

In 2008 to 2012 after providing overwhelming evidence of fraud between Banking, RICS and Property Developers in a sting the perpetrators knew they weren't to be caught or dealt with appropriately by the law and regulatory system lead me to follow through my investigations which took me on a journey as will be completed in blog The Big Picture 1.

The Big Picture will be made into an ebook at some stage as the story is beyond belief in parts as identifies how History, Politics and the Legal System, airbrush out the facts hoping not to leave a trail?

Within The Big Picture 1 the references to the Dylan Harvey Group Scam are my starting point on this journey.

In 2012 i had received a call from the Fraud Squad stating as the fraud was less than £1 Million therefore they wouldn't investigate. It had taken them three years to work that one out also received after the letter below.

In the region of 5000 Properties overvalued £30 - £40k, 2000 investors works out at more than a Million but we are working to a different set of rules here? Deny Delay Cover Up..

In the region of £200 Million is the correct or closer answer.

The letter timing was perfect for "The System" as if this were just a case of dismissing an individual and hope they may just back down espe