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100 Banking Crisis' TBP 4

The media portrays this as specific problems each being different. This is because the media is controlled by the same group. Mis information.

The Crisis are always the same, same instruments and economic cause. No solution. Why?

Central Banks, have they learned? No

Are they the cause - Yes.

This is why we have had 100 Banking failures causing global economic failure. By design.

Regulators do they work - No,

Are they hiding something - Yes.

Lets discuss Fractional Reserve Banking.

1.Money is created from nothing.. Your signature on a Promissory Note creates credit.

2. Basle 1,2,3 is not a solution. Regulation through holding capitol?

3. Banks manage securities they don't lend you money.

4. The money at the bank belongs to me? Doesnt it? - No

5. The money at the Bank is owned by the Bank and you are a creditor. Its a loan youve given to the bank.

6. No Bank has ever lent money.. ever.