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Theresa May: Lies, Lies & More Lies

As witnessed in Brexit talks Theresa May serves another master, these are the same people that have been wrecking the UK Economy since the early 2000's and before through financial attacks and cover ups in the unregulated product, Investor and SME markets. This is now coming to a head.

This has prompted numerous forthcoming films Spank the Banker and The Great British Mortgage Swindle also organisations that have identified the frauds have now come into being.

MSC. Mortgage Securitisation Claims.

SME Alliance

Bank Claims Group Limited

In the UK all analysis leads to the Treasury and HMRC involvement and who is really pulling their strings. MPs know this but some dare not say openly. Link to The Big Picture 3.

In 2015 the ITNJ was formed to address the underlying issues causing great harm