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Create Your Own Economy

Recently I've documented The Big Picture Parts 1,2,3.

This is Work in Progress as its shifting sand with the historical elements in many parts airbrushed out.. Its too difficult to palate for some as witnessed speaking with a local MP.

This information is in part drawn from real world experience, part research of the Banking system and how it has treated individuals, examples and documents provided, Businesses and how the UK Government have attempted to cover up fraud at the highest level.

Unfortunately for Government, when individuals come together and find a common route cause it becomes difficult to hide from the evidence and those deceived.

Social Proof:

We recommend diversification and taking a look at 5050 Crowdfunding as part of creating strong local economies..

Use for Property, Personal and All Good causes. Further posts can be found here and on the linked site Bitcoin P2P

Keep Money Moving store wealth in assets Gold, Silver, Paid 4 Property.. Rent to Buy, Lease Option Commercial.. Times they are a changing..

Solution Crowdfund it:

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