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Economic Warfare TBP - Part 3

INSIDE JOB - A Refresher.

Part 2 TBP Content - Bilderberg Organisation.

The UK Connection - The Home Office - Clinton. See Part 2

ITS a CITY of London Government.

The City is a different Country to the UK ?

Who Have The Cities Casting Votes - The Banksters

Whose in the Cabinet? Mainly Financially Focussed MP's

and ex Banksters

Anti Brexit - Voted Stay. Backhanders inc May.

Theresa May is ex Bank of England.

Sajid David is ex Deutsche Bank MD

Rothschild Organisations - Bilderberg Group - Inside Job.

Carney - Bank of England

Carney will start to undo the economy - Rothschild operation.

Currently we need to have the BoE to supply cash and maintain cash flow. Also Print lots of Money before the financial reset also known as QE Quantative Easing.

This is due to the political alliances, bribes and who has what on whom. Example below.. Communication between MP's.

Dear Sirs

"As a nation, we pride ourselves on the rule of law. Above the Old Bailey stands the gilded statue of Lady Justice. She carries the sword of justice in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. She wears a blindfold to symbolise that justice is blind and does not distinguish between the powerful and the weak. Yet for those who have been the victims of the systematic fraud practised by UK banks and financial institutions, such sentiment is nonsense.

The statue representing their experience of justice would be heavily rusted rather than gilded.It would wear a blindfold to avoid having to see the activities of the financial institutions whose wrongdoing has ruined individuals and families, and its arms would be firmly tied behind its back to symbolise the lack of activity by both the police and the regulators." "....we have seen clear evidence of tampering with documents, false witness statements and the leveraging of a position of power and clout to drive many thousands of good businesses into insolvency." William Wragg, MP

I am pleased to note your discussion in parliament regarding institutionalised fraud.

You may still not know the full extent of the fraud and criminality being conducted in plain sight by criminals with law and accounting degrees. These mobsters use the English courts, court workers, and judiciary for crime, along with false instruments (document fraud).

The criminals commit perjury, forgery, fraud and, it is believed, blackmail and/or bribery. Criminals are embedded in every public institution, and I have seen evidence of criminality inside HMRC.

Some more details are below.

The examples cited in this communication are simply that: examples. There are thousands of such cases, and make no mistake that there are conspiracies to commit crime which constitutes joint enterprise crime and, because successive officials and just about every police force in the country have been made aware of it (notably Mrs. Theresa May and the cabinet office) and no action has been taken, these officials are a party to the joint enterprise.

You may be aware that ACPO, the forerunner of the NPCC, had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Law Society not to investigate each other's members. It seems that this is still being honoured, just as it has been for decades. The country is almost collapsing under the weight of white collar crime as a result.

Police wimper that they do not have the funding to investigate these crimes, whereas they are happy, none-the-less, to take massive financial bonuses from the public purse each year in a conflict of interest benefit payment indexed to their fudging of figures to the National Statistician, despite being paid already to do their jobs.

Herein lies the root of some of the problems and, try as she may to cover it all up by declaring that Britain needs to make new laws in order to prosecute these criminals (with total disregard for the Fraud Act 2006) and other laws, Theresa May continues to fail the British public over and over again, just as she did as the Home Secretary, with her too close associations with Metropolitan Police Commissioners, and discussions behind close doors.

British police have also proven, at best, 'ineffective' when it comes to joint international investigations concerning child exploitation.

One notable example is the dropping of the ball in the Toronto Police led investigation into paedophilia, Project Spade, where ultimately three British police forces, including the notorious North Yorkshire Police (friends of Jimmy Savile), were forced to refer themselves to the IPCC in the matter.

(Incidentally, Lord Maginnis raised the problem of North Yorkshire Police in parliament several times over the years:

He also wrote, he says, "literally hundreds of letters to Mrs. May" in her capacity as both Home Secretary and Prime Minister. True to Mrs. May's form, he was ignored, but there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Incompetent North Yorkshire police backed the wrong side in what, on the surface, appeared to be a family dispute, but then escalated into serious organised crime which involved North Yorkshire police and resulted in the elderly Barbara Hofschroer's home being stolen, just as predicted by Lord Maginnis and a professional fraud investigator involved in the case.

The crimes include physical abuse of the 86 year old invalid, by police, and even worse. The crimes committed against her caregiver and her son, Peter, are transnational in nature and include foreign judiciary and police to boot.)

Police and government conveniently and systematically turn their heads away from the evidence of crime that has been presented over and over again to them, making them a party to joint enterprise crime and racketeering.

They use public servants and resources to accomplish the crimes. The evidence, therefore, points to STATE ORGANIZED crime and asset stripping, involving those at the very top of state pyramid and beyond. In one of the videos below, you will hear the name of Grant Thornton Limited - a Rothschild owned company.

I urge you to watch all the videos and know that there are thousands of these cases.

I do hope you will continue your discussions in parliament and share this very important information with your fellow parliamentarians because, one day, some of you may be the next victims, and you will learn first hand that not one Home Secretary, Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, Attorney General, or Chief Justice has ever given a fig about the problem. This must surely make you wonder why.

Please take note of the circumstances in which Gerald Carroll, for all his associations with the elite, now finds himself.

Mr. Lawrence Tomlinson's report (link below) was presented to the serving Business Secretary at the time, Mr. Vince Cable, and binned. No action was taken, except by campaigners who have informed, and continue to inform, senior politicians and officials around the world about these British crimes (The British Model) , many of which are transnational in nature, recommending that they do not take their legal business to the UK. It seems we have had some success, and will continue working towards that end until something is done to address the corruption in the British legal environment.

Thank you for your good work, and please be sure to watch your backs!

Yours faithfully,

Sent: Saturday, 10 November, 2018 13:02:38 Subject: ENGLISH JUSTICE - THE 6 BILLION POUND PROBLEM

Dear Mr. Carman

Thank you for a very interesting article regarding Britain's crumbling justice system.

You might be interested to know the reason why global litigants are choosing the legal systems of other countries. It is because of rampant corruption in the courts of England.

As you will hear in the first video below, British law is the best in the world; the problem is the 'caretakers of the law'.

Thousands of victims of the 'Legal Mafia' have exposed the crimes to the police, government, and media over and over again, and they are simply ignored. British police investigate nothing.

Foreign governments and potential litigants, however, have been taking note over the years, and they have wisely taken their litigation business elsewhere. Unless something is done to remove the criminals from the system, Britain's legal business may face extinction because of corruption alone.

Criminals with law degrees and/or financial accreditation are manipulating the British justice system en masse, and neither the Prime Minister nor anyone in the police, judiciary, Ministry of Justice, or government cares.

Nobody in authority is willing to stop 'The Fall of the House of Usher' - obviously for reasons best known to themselves.

Criminals have infiltrated, and are embedded in, every single UK public entity, quango, and oversight body - and even in charities. Police and the Law Society continue to honour the Memorandum of Understanding that existed between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Law Society, in which they agreed NOT to investigate each other. Perhaps this is why no action is ever taken, and why there is no remedy for justice in the UK. No doubt police must have many such Memoranda, as they do nothing to quell this kind of crime.

Victims groups have been able to 'out' those who take no action, and who are therefore complicit in the crimes. It is almost everyone in the system, and most certainly Mrs. Theresa May and the police.

Here are just a few examples. There are literally thousands of them.

Government interference with judicial decisions:

Fraudulent bankruptcies:

Mr. Cameron's so called anti-corruption initiative is a fraud, just like everyone knew it was from the beginning.

It's about time that foreign governments held the UK to account. Britain is signatory to various international conventions against serious organized crime, and yet does nothing about the ones on its own doorstep preferring, instead, to take the lead in pointing fingers at other countries.

It seems The Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke can kiss goodbye to his dream of Britannia ruling the legal waves - the corruption in the UK is too far gone.

We have been warning for years, and the British Establishment has been wilfully blind in the matter.

The 'The Fall of Her Majesty's Courts' is the only British justice we are likely to see.

Yours sincerely,

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See White Collar Crime article series on TPS blog.

Panic and hysteria will build as this is how they control through FEAR. So What Can We Do?

Build Your Local Economies. How?

Think Duke of Wellington & Waterloo Squares

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