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3 - 4 Bed Family Accommodation

Pentland Design & Management.

Three bedroom property specification. Cost in the region £40-50,000 installed. Could be less. Modular design but will last a lifetime. Survey £360.00

The property attributes enable this to be fitted on a low budget. A young couple or growing family can erect the building inside a week with a little help from their friends.

Full Specification for 3 & 4 Bed developments.

The four bedroom model could remove the issues of people living rough on the streets of our cities as this would then give them a base to recoup and build again while the UK corrects the policies that has seen more people disenfranchised from a system that no longer serves the people of the UK.

Enough said. Funding Model: 5050 Crowdfunding


phone: 07496 300789

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