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The Big Picture - Really? Part 2

Follow The Money!!

Version 1.7 28.11.18 Part 2

This is a living post so will be updated Daily by release version. The content wont always read well till a section is completed or 80% complete.

The relationship with Property and Business Banking Fraud is, that UK properties are being taken unlawfully, businesses taken down and assets sold.. See Part 1. Some Judges MPs and Police are implicated so justice isn't done. There is no justice or mechanism of redress in the UK.

This section gives some of the detail that has been airbrushed

out of history and politics..

Follow The Thinking. Money, Bank Fraud, International Banksters, Historical Element, Nazis, CIA, Banking Process, Hidden Money Creation and modern day developments also Economic Crime. Internationally. People Trafficking and linked issues. Guns, Gold, Silver Market, Manipulation. Drug Smuggling.. Its all here and connected.

Key Words in the Masterplan are Masterplan and Acquiesce.

Oasis - The Masterplan Video & Words.