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The Big Picture - Really? Part 2

Follow The Money!!

Version 1.7 28.11.18 Part 2

This is a living post so will be updated Daily by release version. The content wont always read well till a section is completed or 80% complete.

The relationship with Property and Business Banking Fraud is, that UK properties are being taken unlawfully, businesses taken down and assets sold.. See Part 1. Some Judges MPs and Police are implicated so justice isn't done. There is no justice or mechanism of redress in the UK.

This section gives some of the detail that has been airbrushed

out of history and politics..

Follow The Thinking. Money, Bank Fraud, International Banksters, Historical Element, Nazis, CIA, Banking Process, Hidden Money Creation and modern day developments also Economic Crime. Internationally. People Trafficking and linked issues. Guns, Gold, Silver Market, Manipulation. Drug Smuggling.. Its all here and connected.

Key Words in the Masterplan are Masterplan and Acquiesce.

Oasis - The Masterplan Video & Words.

Brexit Piece. Tied to ITV News Feeds. Nigel Farage.

White Paper Download. German Law By The Back Door.

IMPACT!! Unified Europe. Lead by Germany? Agenda 21.

History Teaches us Things. I think we need Nigel on board.

Funding of the Nazis - Historical Link to US Bush family

17.11. 18 9/11. Insider trading advanced knowledge. PUT buying of informed insiders. The DeutscheBank link.

Spiritual Context

THE BREXIT ANTHEM.. God Save The Queen - The Fascist Regime - Maybe The Sex Pistols Were Trying To Tell Us Something? No Future and England's Dreaming...

If You Are Part of Anothers Masterplan. You follow their plan.

There is a future. Wake UP!! Read on..

WHY Financial or Paedophile

Related Crimes are NOT

Investigated thoroughly in the UK!

"MPs to Royals - Judges to Police"

Joan Colemans RAINS List

Jeffrey Epsteins Little Black Book - Link

Extract of a communication between Westminster MP's. 2018

Dear Sirs

"As a nation, we pride ourselves on the rule of law. Above the

Old Bailey stands the gilded statue of Lady Justice

She carries the sword of justice in one hand and the scales of justice in the other. She wears a blindfold to symbolise that justice is blind and does not distinguish between the powerful and the weak. Yet for those who have been the victims of the systematic fraud practised by UK banks and financial Institutions, such sentiment is nonsense.

The statue representing their experience of justice would be

heavily rusted rather than gilded. It would wear a blindfold to avoid having to see the activities of the financial institutions whose wrongdoing has ruined individuals and families, and its arms would be firmly tied behind its back to symbolise the lack of activity by both the police and the regulators."

We have seen clear evidence of tampering with documents

,false witness statements and the leveraging of a position of power and clout to drive many thousands of good businesses into insolvency."

Later it goes on to say:

Police and government conveniently and systematically turn their heads away from the evidence of crime that has been presented over and over again to them, making them a party to joint enterprise crime and racketeering. They use public servants and resources to accomplish the crimes. The evidence, therefore, points to STATE ORGANIZED crime and asset stripping, involving those at the very top of state pyramid and beyond.

In one of the videos below , you will hear the name of Grant Thornton Limited - a Rothschild owned company. I urge you to watch all the videos and know that there are thousands of these cases.

I do hope you will continue your discussions in parliament and share this very important information with your fellow parliamentarians because, one day , some of you may be the next victims, and you will learn first hand that not one Home Secretary, Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, Attorney General, or Chief Justice has ever given a fig about the problem

Parliament Debate On

Banking Fraud & Crime.

Theresa May, when Home Secretary ex Rothschild - Bank Of England staff member. Operating under the guiding hand. Deny, Dismiss, Cover Up. Repeat?

Check the Bilderberg link between UK Home Secretary & Bill Clinton in the Bilderberg Group?

All will be revealed soon in that Bank owners who operate without any governance or regulation standard in place.

They have leverage over MP's, Judges and Police also high ranking members of society. The information provided so far indicates these links. This has been covered up for decades.

We elect them to serve the people but we can see that historically some serve themselves and their chosen masters.

Many have an alternative agenda that compromises the people of this country the United Kingdom.

A true Brexit is the Unification of Europe being thwarted.

Key individuals are undermining the wishes of the people.

The speeches given don't address the details of negotiations and the political spin is so transparent they feel we probably still believe what they say.

When you break people financially in today's society it is difficult to get back on track. The UK was a nation of shopkeepers according to Napoleon.

We are now a nation of SME's. How would a third party (Rothschild Bankster) tackle economic warfare?

Under the Radar.. Unregulated markets.. Underhand tactical commercial and economic warfare. Not investigated for a number of personal reasons as individuals will be compromised and outed for what or who they really are.

An example of this tactical economic warfare is provided by John Perkins ex CIA. who broke cover as he could no longer live that lifestyle, his conscience wouldn't allow him.

Listen to his story after Joseph P Farrell's lecture in 2014.

This tactic has been used against individuals, political groups and societies on many occasions in History and especially in the 20th and now 21st centuries to control societies through debt driven economies.

Problem, Reaction, Solution -

Debt driven economies through Central banking..

SME Alliance Example 2003. Mark Taylor

Analysis of Judges, Bankers and Bullion Market Rigging..

SGT Report Mark Anthony Taylor.

Historical detail:

"As they invaded and occupied the nations of Europe....

The Nazis raided local economies and seized anything of value: from raw materials like coal and iron ore, to the contents of banks and treasuries, to priceless works of art like paintings and sculptures."

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!

The Bush Family Connection.. Who Funded Hitler, The Nazis, European Political Parties - A look at the behind the scenes in politics and political family dynasties.

SME Alliance Example 2004

An SME Business Take Down. Unique Group. Noel Edmonds. £60 Million.

UK Businesses have been, are being financially ransacked.

To promote this is one of the reasons Noel Edmonds is in the jungle? Im a Celebrity Get Me Outa Here.. Noel wants to stay as long as possible to promote http://Noel.World

In Parliament Theresa May makes a very generalist response statement to Kevin Hollinrake on Banking Fraud. Doesnt address the route cause and evades the question response required.

The problems as identified are in HMRC and the Treasury not "The Systems Protection Racket of FSA then FCA"..

The FCA. Totally deny and protect the existing system of Banking theft. They are controlled by the Treasury. Inside Job.

Kevin Hollinrake to Lloyds CEO.. Explain the Lloyds cover up!!

The Historical Connection.. Follow The Money or Follow The Cover Up!!

A View From George Soros Past.

How would your conscience handle this?

Royals, Banksters, UK Govt, Nazis and Your Mortgage!!

In Note Form From Here. To be expanded shortly.

Watch Joseph P Farrell in full flow.

1945 to Date.. The SS, Nazis, Martin Bormann, Adolf Eichman, Dr Mengele. Reinhard Galen, Klaus Barbie, The CIA - Nazi Money.

These are the important details and how Our Banks benefit from $800,000,000 Nazi looting spoils in 1947.

Research the end of rationing in the UK.

I think payback happened September 2008?

Only Cabinet Ministers, HMRC , SFO and the Treasury really know what took place in the Bond market and a few CIA operatives involved in economic warfare.

Mr Brown had a few answers but i feel he had an economic gun to his head?

He later sold the UK's Gold at rock bottom prices to Bank of America?

Read anything by Jim Rickards for further info on this subject..