The Big Picture - Really? Part1

Follow The Money!!

Version 1.1 27.11.18 Part 1

This follows the example of a North West Property Developer/ Marketer and Banking scam that identified a National Systemic issue in the SME and Investor Sectors. Reported and ignored / Covered Upby the regulators FSA then FCA.

The Big Picture covers the agenda of those elected to power and the hand that guides them.

This affects all reading this article Parts 1 and 2.

This is a living post so will be updated Daily by release version. The content wont always read well till a section is completed or 80% complete.

Background - Context.

Follow The Thinking. Money Creation, Bank Processes, Fraud, International Banksters, Historical Element, Nazis, CIA, Banking Process Not Regulated or Monitored, Hidden Money Creation, Rehypothecation and Modern Day Developments Brexit, International Economic Crime.

People & Child Trafficking and linked issues. Gold, Silver Market, Manipulation. Drug Smuggling.. Its all here and connected.

Key Words in the Masterplan are Masterplan and Acquiesce.

Oasis - The Masterplan Video & Words.

Brexit Piece. Tied to ITV News Feeds. Nigel Farage.

White Paper Download. German Law By The Back Door.

IMPACT!! Unified Europe. Lead by Germany? Agenda 21.