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The Big Picture - Really? Part1

Follow The Money!!

Version 1.1 27.11.18 Part 1

This follows the example of a North West Property Developer/ Marketer and Banking scam that identified a National Systemic issue in the SME and Investor Sectors. Reported and ignored / Covered Upby the regulators FSA then FCA.

The Big Picture covers the agenda of those elected to power and the hand that guides them.

This affects all reading this article Parts 1 and 2.

This is a living post so will be updated Daily by release version. The content wont always read well till a section is completed or 80% complete.

Background - Context.

Follow The Thinking. Money Creation, Bank Processes, Fraud, International Banksters, Historical Element, Nazis, CIA, Banking Process Not Regulated or Monitored, Hidden Money Creation, Rehypothecation and Modern Day Developments Brexit, International Economic Crime.

People & Child Trafficking and linked issues. Gold, Silver Market, Manipulation. Drug Smuggling.. Its all here and connected.

Key Words in the Masterplan are Masterplan and Acquiesce.

Oasis - The Masterplan Video & Words.

Brexit Piece. Tied to ITV News Feeds. Nigel Farage.

White Paper Download. German Law By The Back Door.

IMPACT!! Unified Europe. Lead by Germany? Agenda 21.

Part 2 9/11. Insider trading advanced knowledge. PUT buying of informed insiders. The DeutscheBank link.

Spiritual Context..

Words to Masterplan

Solution: Crowdfund Your Property, Project, Whatever You Wish?

Solution Here:

This is the alternative to Raising funds via Banks where you are supporting international criminal rings, people trafficking and The German Masterplan. See Part 2.

Diagrams - Mind Maps - Block Diagram Topology to follow

Introduction to a Classic Example of Fraud

So where do we start with this piece then?

Get A Cup of Tea/ Coffee.

There's some reading or scanning ahead..

A Block Diagram Will Replace The Rough Mind Map Soon..

Some of it is difficult to believe but here Im placing the analysis, my findings, experiences and what ive read also direction the thinking is taking after a journey that has taken 11 years but the complete picture has come together in the last 4 months or so?

I have taken extracts and information from third parties as between us through personal circumstances we have the full picture. Lets call these life's little experiences.

When i look at the number of SME's being taken to the cleaners and large scale frauds not investigated initially by the FSA then FCA etc. Property confiscation without the correct process or purpose and documentation being incorrect.

We have a construct on our hands. Examples:

65000 Cerberus Vulture Fund - Northern Rock - Link to Article

Why would a caring Government sell its own people down the river and place them in a living nightmare?

Shortly The Great British Mortgage Scandal, will be released

Twitter #TGBMS

Go watch #TGBMS and become informed of what has happened and continues to happen to this day.

This is how its happened with a North West UK example.

Dylan Harvey 2000 investors 5000 properties. £200 Million Fraud. Not investigated correctly. De-scoped and covered up by design.

Mass Negative Equity, UK Sub prime. A Construct.

Great pieces of work by Michael of Bernicia.. 28.6.2015. Read Michaels site as the information dertermines your future. This endorses the issues we've experienced.

While doing the Mortgage Securitisation Claims work - the level of negative equity through property over valuation is unsettling.. Its Systemic!!

Leads you to think someone is creating this through a warped minded cunning plan..

So Cunning You Could Put A Tail On It And Call it a Weasil?

This issue goes all the way to the Treasury and Govt also implicated MPs as its their responsibility under their Oath of Office to make the FCA and Serious Fraud Office act in the best interests of the public? We elected them to serve..

Or is it, they are "NOT TELLING US SOMETHING" for a reason.

WHO Do They Really Work For? What is their Agenda?

If we choose the way of Mrs Theresa May were en route to becoming a Fascist State. To understand The Big Picture you need to understand what has truly happened in the past.

Part 2 breaks down the historical elements.

Political Aspects

Brexit and the Legal Initiative..

German Law By The Back Door.. Follow The Thread

Whitepaper Download

Article 50

Referenced to

" Help Us Expose Corporate Capture, Political Spin and Lies".

Cabinet members will have to sign off Theresa May’s Brexit plan, including the principal document, the withdrawal agreement, which runs to over 400 pages of dense legal text.

Ministers will be given an opportunity to read the documents ahead of the crunch meeting, and will be scrutinising them carefully to see when and how the Irish border backstop can be terminated and what is contained within its provisions.

15.11.18 Resignations.

1. Dominic RAAB Brexit Secretary resigns.. 15.11.18. "i Cannot in good conscience" Support The terms with the EU..

2. Esther McVey

Notice Any changes fill in the comments

Blue: Boris Resigned, Losing our democracy!

Baroness Evans:

Andrea Leadsom: 25 years in Banking?

Liam Fox: Arms, Israel, Adam Werrity connection?

Priti Patel:

Chris Grayling:

David Davis:

financially supported by merchant bank Arbuthnot?

Remain Search Powerbase. These are highlights.

Amber Rudd.. Venture Capitalist. linked to lobbying group. Treasury

Michael Fallon.. Financial sector lobbying

David Lidington.. Europe & NATO

Karen Bradley.. Deloitte Touch, KPMG

David Gauke.. Conservative Friends of Israel

Ben Gummer.. Health

Theresa May.. 20 Years in financial sector. BoE, International Settlements?

Damian Green.. TV Financial Journalist.. DWP

Sajid David.. Chase Manhattan, Deutsche Bank £3M PA 98% pay Cut? interesting.

David Mundell.. Pro Nuclear

Patrick McLoughlin.. Pro Fracking

Jeremy Wright.. Crown Prosecution, Serious Fraud Office, HM Prosecution Service

Philip Hammond..Defence, Transport, Chancellor

Liz Truss.. Pro Fracking, Reform

Jeremy Hunt..

Justine Greening.. Transport, HM Treasury

James Brokenshire.. International Law

Alun Cairns.. Lloyds Bank, Financial Compliance?

Greg Clark..

Gavin Williamson..

European Research Group

- Jacob Rees Mogg

Son of William Rees Mogg

WRM - Co Author of The Great Reckoning - Protect Yourself in The Coming Depression