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Liz's Visit to The BoE.. MPs & MI6

There are two Crowns in England. One being Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen functions in a ceremonial capacity and serves to deflect attention away from the other Crown, who issues her instructions through their control of the English Parliament.

How do you control the Lords and Parliament?

Sex, Lies, Video Tapes and Child trafficking, other forms of leverage too, Possibly?

Who votes the MPs in You and I?

Further details on You Tube. Research by David Icke and SGT Report & SME Alliance contribution on Bank Whistlblowers.

The other Crown is a cartel of 12 banks headed by the Bank of England (House of Rothschild).

They rule the world from the 677-acre, independent sovereign state know as The City of London, or simply 'The City.' The City is not a part of England, just as Washington D.C., is not a part of the USA as The Vatican is an independent state also.

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