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Hidden in Plain Site - POA.. Fraud

OK so we've created the mortgage on the property. One of my fellow MSC operators discusses with Santander in 2013 the Power of Attorney.

Simon AKA El Spaniardo - The Spaniard discusses with The Santander FSAs Regulator, Alan Drainer & Colin Sneddon the details of the mortgage contract.

15 February 2013.


1. FSA and FCA are aware of how mortgages work.

2. Power of Attorney POA

3. 20 years in Banking not informed about the POA?

4. Advertising Standards Article 7- Adverts have to be Clear Fair and Not misleading.

5. Santander POA. Structured Investment Products.

6. If a trick is played with knowledge of the Bank. This isnt right?

7. Terms and Conditions, false.

8. 6 Years to get Terms and Conditions.

9. Santander.. Categorically stated NO POA

10. Using POA in mortgage contract created a promissory note or financial.

11. Its Unlawful..Law of Property Act 1985 Part 2? Document

12 Attempted to turn himself in for committing fraud. Without Success?

13. The Ombudsman, FSA and FCA have full knowledge that fraud is being committed.

14. Iceland & America issues massive cases of fraud beginning to hit the courts. See Inside Job..

15. The scale is enormous how can this be resolved.

16. Regulator oversight. FSA/ FCA.

17. Faith and confidence in the mortgage society.

18. This breaks every rule in the book.

19. FSA, FCA is complicit. How mortgages work.

20. First hand recorded.

21. Ombudsman work for the Banks.

22. Public servants not carrying out their jobs.

23. Police cant deal as they dont understand fraud.

In my experience FSA, FCA, Police Economic Fraud Squad do nothing and deny everything. I reported a £200Million plus fraud on 5000 properties. The greater problem is now UK Subprime created by the Banking Cartels..

US Experiences..

Real courtroom interview proving that all bank loans are fraud and pre paid

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