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Property Action Group - PAG

The Property Action Group (PAG) has been work in progress for some time, twelve months or more.

This was to scope and understand the issues and typical case studies needed to build the solution requirements, this takes time.

Realising the extent of Fraud in the UK market and that over valuation of property was systemic, it was only a matter of time that a system would be required to untangle the mess that the Banking sector had created.

Thats right The Banking Sector?

They will not do it. It isn't in their interest?

The existing financial system will come under close scrutiny and those who have participated in the criminal activities and harm done to families, businesses and Local and National Economies will be called to account through MP's.

Forthcoming Tribunals and Enquiries will help identify through process scrutiny and governance where "Corporate Bank Robbery", false value through criminal activity, false property or asset description and fraud will be identified.

Route cause analysis of Bank and Professional Operatives documentation such as RICS surveyors, IFA's also Bankers who have abused their professional position and regulatory status for Financial gain will be identified. Named and outed.