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Kevin Hollinrake - PM Questions 10.9.18 4:12pm

KH Question. Will Bankers be called to account for Fraud and Malpractice during the Economic Financial Crisis 2008?

PM: Measures have been put in place to ensure "Financial Stability and Protect Tax Payers"? Really?

Observation: From 2008 to date the UK government papered over the cracks hoping that a change of name from FSA to FCA and limited new powers would only pay lip service to the growing number of fiscal errors and fraudulent acts that were being detected and exacerbated in the background.

White Collar Criminals and those who benefited maintained their activities as it benefit the existing system and "Modern Money Creation" at a rapid pace.

Bank of England Videos. BoE Site and Money Money Creation.

Professor Richard Werner discusses the UK Finance system and the underlying issues which impact our existing monetary mechanism and its supply.

The existing system does not give stability.

The existing system does not give protection against criminals exploiting/ creating white collar crime it aids the system to create more false value and the Banks to make more Fiat Currency!

Note behind the Bank of England chap. What is visible?

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