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Westminster Hall 9.10.18 4.30pm

Parliamentary debate on business banking fraud and the role of the regulators. Specifically the lack of action by Police Forces , Serious Fraud Office and the regulators FSA now FCA is debated. Lloyds HBOS GRG. RBS. Individuals stories.

MP William Wragg - Stockport opened stating "How Do We Unpick This" its a sorry state of affairs that MPs find themselves here again where 1000's of SMEs had their accounts plundered by their Banks. This is the Fourth debate where systemic asset stripping, inflated charges, fees are levied and no one Bank has been brought to justice.

Quote: "Financial Services Tribunal & Enquiry Justice must be done and seen to be done". Kevin Hollinrake

UK Tribunal and Full Public Enquiry required.

Common Request by all party members.

Framework where a full Public Enquiry can take place.

Treasury Minister: Forces can apply for special grant funding to cater for special events.

Question: The Banks fines will pay for investigation?

Request Kevin Hollinrake.

Treasury Minister: Gagging clauses require transparency.

Treasury Minister: Action will come imminently.

Treasury supporting communication:

Have you had your mortgage checked to see if it has been securitised?

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