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The Global Crash 2008. Identified in Advance. CEC Australia. 2018 Next?

Cause and Effect:

Wreckless lending by Banks and Mortgage Fraud..

Systemic Failure..

Property bubbles fuelled by Bank practices Internationally.

Fraud and credit extension proven in Canada identified in Australia therefore MPs called for an enquiry.

Banks show 'disregard' for the law, Government MPs may cross the floor to back inquiry

This also happens in the UK market. Read and follow the threads.

These are two causes that identified the Global Financial Crash (GFC) in 2008.

In 2007 and before the property bubble was on, the end game was known in some circles. Therefore accountability has to be placed at banks door and those who protect them.

This is what the film The Big Short covered, the story of the participants in shorting the US Mortgage market.

Christian Bale plays Dr Michael Burry.

Securitisation was explained as the reason behind the crash. Understanding the process identifies that the Banks had already been paid?

The groups left holding the baby are the private institutions that buy the bundled securities or mortgage contracts known as Mortgage Backed Securities or Collateralised Debt Obligations CDO's.

The position today is far worse as explained by Australian CEC member Richard Bradley and Guests.

Have you a Mortgage Securitisation Claim? MSC.

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