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Bank Mortgage Fraud - White Collar Crime - Australia - UK

Consumer protection is a myth and there is NO law enforcement, reading the slides and looking at the video recorded by CEC in Australia at a recent speech delivered by Denise Brailey of BFSCA.. Banking & Financial Consumers Support Association.

Reading sections from the BFSCA 's site the common errors found in Australias Banking processes can be detected within all Banking systems and is definitely experienced in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

As SME Alliance members have witnessed in the UK the problem is systemic within many leading UK Bank figures whitewashing their activities and the true impact of their dealings is left for the masses to bail them out of the situations they have created through poor processes procedures and financial governance.

In the UK Legal Quest will expose some of these gaps through MSC. Mortgage Securitisation Claims

Citizens Electoral Council & Denise Brailey (CEC)

Australia's leading expert in mortgage fraud BY BANKS, Denise Brailey of the Banking and Finance Consumers Support Association (BFCSA), gave the following presentation to the CEC's 30 June seminar in Perth.

Denise exposes the mechanics of the massive mortgage fraud perpetrated by Australia's banks, with the complicity of the regulator APRA, to pump up one of the biggest housing and debt bubbles in the world.

This is the same fraud that fuelled the US sub-prime bubble which triggered the global financial crisis 10 years ago this month, and will likewise crash Australia's banks and economy when the bubble bursts here.

Denise digs deep into the scandal that the royal commission was only able to briefly touch on, due to its restricted terms of reference and time.

What we do.

In particular, we investigate scams involving banks, non-banks, lawyers, financial planners and brokers. Deceptive Low Doc banking products appear to be normal financial products. However, unaffordable loans can leave the innocent customer homeless in a very short period of time. The deceit involves Banks tweaking the loans to look "affordable", without your knowledge or consent.

The victims may be your own parents who suffer in silence. They may be your grown-up children on a low income. In Australia, New Zealand and the UK for example, faulty mortgage products are being promoted and marketed by Major Banks, plus an array of smaller non bank lenders.

As a united team our membership is growing and we are assisting members from four countries. BFCSA researchers have discovered alarming evidence of international bankers engaging in and profiting from imprudent lending practices.

Sadly, these activities are not isolated and indeed, hide a sinister pattern of systemic issues running for almost two decades.

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