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White Collar Crime - The Process. Part 3.

Part 2. The Process.

Part 1. How its Done.

So we've taken a high level view on the customer, initial paperwork or loan application form and where we interface with the legals who are all governed by the Law Society.

This is where we look at the Banks whose paperwork you have completed but not seen all the pages?

Specifically the Power of Attorney. POA.

The Bank receives your mortgage "contract" but how you can be under contract im not sure when many of the "weasily words" are omitted from the signed docs by yourself - POA.

They dont lend you any money so have no loss, but electronically input the value of the contract or security to a T1 ledger entry and then store the security/contract or promissory note along with others till the time comes they know you are making payments regularly, generally within a matter of months of signing.

Professor Richard Werner now explains this to a senior UK banker from a Russia Today transmission.

Richard created the "Quantitive Easing" QE solution but NOT for the Banks to take but distribution to the public?

When you give money to a Bank its a loan to the Bank from 6:18 onward.

Having said that in 2012 after the banking collapse in 2008 the Bank of England and its US counterparts have other plans for your cash next time this happens. Bail In?

Read the linked document below.

Richards reference to "absolute power corrupts" can be witnessed as we move into Parts 4 and Part 5.

Have you a mortgage with 3 years to run? Payments up to date?

Part 4

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