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£71 Billion. UK bank misconduct fines.

Our investigation reveals the fines, fees and compensation since 2008 crisis

  • In the decade since the crisis British banks have paid out £71b for misconduct

  • Fines were levied for a variety of sins such as rigging Libor interest rates

  • Lloyds has suffered the heaviest penalties of at least £23.4 billion since 2008

  • Conduct and litigation costs at RBS are second highest at up to £20.6 billion

Britain's biggest banks have paid out £71 billion for misconduct in the decade since the financial crisis, a Mail on Sunday investigation reveals.

The staggering costs for Royal Bank of Scotland, Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays and HSBC since the 2008 meltdown stem from fines, legal fees and compensation for mistreated customers.

The MoS audit comes as banks continue to grapple with the toxic legacy from the financial crisis triggered by the collapse a decade ago of Wall Street bank Lehman Brothers.

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