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Daily Mail Article - Key Issue Lost

The key issue regard The Legal Quest Challenge (LQC) in a recent Daily Mail article was some what lost.

The objective of the LQC is that "Is Your Mortgage Still Valid" or by transfer, assignment, sale or securitisation has your obligation to make payments to the original lender now been negated given the transfer process is incomplete?

How could this happen?

On assignment, transfer or securitisation all parts of a process need to be completed. This includes all paperwork duly authorised, signed, registered and relevant taxes paid by the bank.

There are many aspects of a mortgage that are not explained to a property purchaser by the lender?

The word lender here you may think applies to a bank or provider of the funds.

What if you had created those funds using a "promissory note".

What if your signature had enabled the funds to be created out of thin air by the bank?

What if you didnt take the LQC and never found out if your mortgage was still valid?

To understand further more background data is required.

The linked documents should give you this information:

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