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DSAR - Data Subject Access Request

DSAR - Data Subject Access Request

So whats involved in submitting the information to receive by email the DSAR forms?

Text QUEST33 to 87007

The Legal Quest site takes you through the process very simply, showing you how much you may be able to save.

This is based on a successful outcome giving both a principal

£ figure amount and future monthly payments.

This is should your mortgage meet the claim requirements.

The received paperwork gives the Legal Quest team, authority to act on your behalf.

The system guides you through the steps and asks your details and also the lenders on the property you are asking the mortgage questions of?

Has This Mortgage Been Securitised? Sold or Transferred?

Example of a mortgage Saving.

Completion of the process takes you through the stages of Mortgage Information, Your Account, Your Details and Payment then your Finished.

Text QUEST33 to 87007

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